LED Products

We provide the integrated services on manufacturing in high quality consulting and procurement of the products.

LED Lighting Applications

Combination of LED technology with our know-how and LED lighting solutions

ESCO Services

ESCO services for high durability and outstanding energy efficiency

Environmental Protection

Supplying truly eco-friendly and sustainable innovation products


About Us

UPLIGHT, in the field of optoelectronic industry with the spirit of technology, R&D, innovation, service and professional ability, develops LED lighting system to make products more energy-efficient. We continue to strive for the responsibility of the Earth's environmental and create more possibilities for the LED lighting and energy saving industry.

Business Center

LED Application Total Solutions

UPLIGHT is dedicated to provide complete product lineup covering LED materials, LED modules, LED lighting products, and power control system for OEM/ODM services, and focuses on high efficiency production, cost-effective advantages, and integration of supplier management. We can provide a wider range of application solutions, that are able to meet customer’s one-stop purchase and customized production requirements. UPLIGHT Lighting is deemed as a reliable business partner in the lighting market.


Energy Saving, ESCO Services

Fundamentals & How to Work

Energy Saving, ESCO Services

Fundamentals & How to Work

_Eliminate unnecessary extra work.

_Safe design (not overdesigned). available when needed

_Adjustable ON/OFF peak hours demand, reducing management loss

_Automatic controls on increasing/decreasing loading & motor operation numbers as required

_Cloud big data analysis, aloud equipment optimization from operating range and operation mode

_Continued cloud data collection, real time monitoring and feedback to the system management module unit

_Combining specific domain knowhow, tools and technologies to reach optimization and energy saving

PV System with Battery Storage Application

The integration of PV system with battery storage can bring steadier power solution.

The advantages are not only saving the power, but also avoiding the loss caused by the unexpectable power interrupting.

UPLIGHT can integrate both of the solar and the storage systems, and is able to provide the services on consulting, designing and construction of the system.


Business Function

Project Management
Project Management

UPLIGHT has the ability on design, development, manufacturing and production capabilities. We can quickly respond to customer’s needs and provide high quality services. Once we receive customer’s request, we will set up a projects flow to control and indicators, strictly requirements on quality and project management performance, control project timeliness to meet our customer’s requirements.

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Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing

UPLIGHT sells LED products of well-known international brands in the Greater China and EU, US, ASEN of the country. Sales and marketing range cover the integration of LED’s upper, middle and downstream products and supply chain resources. We have LED product solutions for enterprises and customers, energy saving technology services. We can offers tailor-made LED products and energy saving program to our customers and provide the most complete information and services at any time.

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New Business
New Business

UPLIGHT has been established for more than 10 years and has developed five business systems, including LED chip agents, LED light source development, LED module manufacturing, LED lighting application products, Green energy-saving design engineering. UPLIGHT takes quality in first priority on customer-oriented integrated products and optoelectronic technology, to apply as the core and service-oriented. We have gradually established a good market reputation and well customer recognition.

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Project Management

 Sales & Marketing 

 New Business 

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